Welcome to the aberdeen downtown alliance


     The Aberdeen Downtown Alliance is a volunteer organization with the mission to help revitalize the designated Aberdeen Maryland downtown area.  In partnership with The City of Aberdeen, 'Aberdeen Downtown' was formed to champion the Downtown Aberdeen Revitalization efforts. 

     In the wake of big box stores and shopping plazas, Main Street America has hit on hard times. Many of the restaurants and small shops have moved out or closed up. But Main Street is making a come back.  Many residents prefer to shop and eat locally, supporting their fellow neighbors, rather than some corporation way off. 

     There are hundreds of small town just like Aberdeen who have turned their downtown areas into thriving shopping, dining and entertainment districts.  Already labelled as the 3rd safest city in Maryland*,  the city of Aberdeen has a lot to offer... train access, great parks and public facilities, benefits from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, the Ripken Stadium complex, lots of hotels, and access to Route 95. 

     The Aberdeen Downtown Alliance, seeks to put Aberdeen back on the map. We hope you can get involved in our mission... as a volunteer, a committee member, a sponsor or local business, a vendor or participant in an event or as an attendee at one of our events.